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Want to post a message? Place a "for sale" notice? Announce  your daughter's wedding? Invite us all to a party?Brag about a victory? Post a picture? Let me know and I'll build a Message Board.. could be a way to line up a spare for a game you have to miss.   Whatever... I'm easy.

Message I would Like posted:

8 BALL Recreational POOL LEAGUE
Tuesday 7 pm
All Skill Levels
All Welcome

Another unnecessary but.... reminder... a lot of people are entering the lobby... and maneuvering their way around the boot cleaner placed there  ( not to trip them or to avoid a collision with)  Please remember to use the cleaner and help to keep our magnificent ice surface clean.

We ask that members and guests refrain from bringing in outside food and beverages. We are happy to supply your needs.

Debit Card Purchases
Please be advised that we will honour debit cards for purchases of $10 or greater.

12:00 - 7:30 pm
Like fish... ??   Check out the Fish Fry every Friday.
All you can eat, choice of potato, vegetable, salad bar,
dessert, beverage... All for only$12,95 and that's no fish tale.
Bring a friend or two.