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How We Compare

How We Compare to Other Clubs
Below are samples from other Curling Clubs around the province. We, at Soo Curlers, want to provide a first rate facility to you, our members, at the most reasonable cost we can. We also want to impliment policies that are reasonable and fair to all of our players.  We have researched extensively the following:
A. Our fee structures.. what should each league cost each player
B. Our 5th man policy.. we realize we cannot reasonably expect every team to always have the same 4 players every game
C. Our Spare policy.. who should spare and what should it cost to spare
D. Our fee collection policy.. when should fees be paid by, what should we do to ensure prompt payments, how can we streamline payments, What do we do about non payments?
E. Locker allocations.. who gets them? at what fee?
F. Bar prices.. we must generate revenue yet stay competitive
If you examine the policies of the sampling of Curling Clubs below.. we are convinced you will agree that we are on track in all of the above areas..
We don't believe we are out of line with our fees. our collection policy, and our sparing requirements.
We are open to your suggestions and each will be dealt with at our Board meetings.

Latest news  Fort William CC
October 4, 2005

The Board of Directors have approved a change to the rate structure for spares and 5th men, as follows:  


           First Year Spares remain unchanged at $75

           All other Spares will be $150, down from $300

           5th man (or more) on a team will be $100, providing all other members of the team have paid the full rate.

Richmond CC

Only members who have paid their fees are eligible to participate in draws. Fees must be paid in full on or before Wednesday, October 12, 2005. Alternate arrangements may be made through the President.

Sudbury CC
SCC Membership $100 + GST (unlimited practice time, 10 free spare games)
Ice Leagues Mens 1 night $162.50 +GST
                      Ladies 1 night $130 +GST
                      Ladies pm League $77 +GST
                      Fri Night Mixed  $77 +GST
                      Sat Night Mixed  $38 +GST
LOCKER FEE  $15 sm  $20 lg
League FEE mens $35; ladies pm $10; Ladies nts $20; Fri Mix $10; Sat Mix $5

Niagara Falls CC

Guelph Curling Club

2005/2006 Membership Fees

All fees are due September 15, 2005. Fees may be paid by three post-dated cheques dated September 15, October 15 and November 15, 2005 and must be in the office by September 15, 2005 or full fee by September 15, 2005

Memberships must be paid before using the ice.

North Bay Granite Club


Leaside CC


Teams often need to pick up a spare to play a game, and we'd hate to see games postponed or cancelled because there weren't any spares available. So, once again this year, we've completely waived the spare fee.

The spare rule is simple -- all full members of the club (i.e., belonging to any of the curling sections) are eligible to spare in any league for which they qualify.

In other words, any man who is a member of the club may be a spare in any men's, mixed or skins league.  Any woman who is a club member may be a spare in any women's, mixed or skins league.  As long as you have joined the club at least at the basic fee rate, you are eligible to be a spare.


Over the past year or so, your Board of Directors has been dealing with two major challenges – higher operating costs for the Club and fewer Club members to cover these higher costs. We try diligently to control costs, and we have taken steps to attract new members. Still, this year is our third consecutive year of reduced membership. With a drop-out rate of approximately 30% we are not fully replacing all that leave.

After extensive study and consideration, your Board has concluded that the Club’s membership structure and rates need changing to stop this trend. We have unanimously adopted a new fee structure for next season based on these guiding principles:

  1. Rates should be affordable for all members;
  2. All members should bear a fair share of the Club’s ongoing costs; and,
  3. Members who curl more should pay more.

Under the new structure, we will realign memberships into LEAGUES within the Club. This is not unlike how we are organized today except the fees will be assessed based on how many Leagues a curler plays. It treats all curlers from the various Sections as individuals… each with Full Membership status. It also recognizes that all members should be treated equally, hence should share equally in the operating costs of the Club.

Membership into any adult league (Men’s, Women, PYOT, Seniors or Mixed) will be assessed at a flat $260 for full season play in ONE league. A second league can be added for an additional $70, and unlimited Leagues for $100 over the base league play rate ($70 + $30). It treats all curlers as full members and allows all members to spare across all leagues up to four times annually…..essentially eliminating our “no spares available” problem. As in past years, a new curler will receive a discount for the first year – 50% off the regular one-league rate. And, as always, the OCA fee and GST have to be added to our annual fees to get the amount payable.

Ottawa Curling Club

Grimsby CC
Associate Spare Membership
May spare in any draw for $10.00 per game. Should be an experienced curler who cannot commit to a draw or draw times. End of season rebate if less than 7 games played.
Associate membership fee (each)


$100.00 Single
+ $10.00 per game

N/A Couple