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How it Works
Stick Curling is a new variation of our beloved game that is gaining huge popularity  across the country.
Open to any players interested, a 2 Person team Stick Curling  league  play Wednesday afternoons from 1:00.
The Rules:
Teams consist of 2 persons only
Each player plays at opposite ends of the ice
One member will deliver all 8stones while the other skips.
The roles reverse each end for the entire 6 ends.
 Both persons alternate between shooter and Skip.
There is no sweeping between the hoglines.
Games should last no longer than 1 hour.
If you are  not currently a "Stick Shooter" NO PROBLEM...
We will provide the stick for your use.
League will consist of 10 teams.
Entry fee into this league is $25 per person.
All entry fees will go to Prizes at the end of the season.
Win / Loss records will be kept.
Open to all Curlers... younger and older, male or female, rich or poor.
More info on Stick Curling at


Player 1
Phone Player 1
Player 2
Phone Player 2
Team name

All Fees must be paid Prior to the Start of Stick Curling league Play.