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Oct 18 2006

Soo Curlers Board Meeting


Minutes of the Oct. 18/06 Meeting



Members Present: Eric Kirby, Jon MacDonald, Peter Zultek, Randy Mills and Chris Barnes                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Absent: Lewis Massad and Ian Fisher



  • A motion to accept the minutes of last meeting was put forward by Chris Barnes and seconded by Randy Mills. Carried
  • Randy reported that the dehumidifiers have been installed but both are experiencing difficulties. One has a gas leak which is being looked at this Friday and it is expected that after an additional cost of about $500.00 it will be in operation. The second unit has a problem with the compressor and repairs are expected to be expensive. Repair work is on hold until the financial picture is clearer and an estimate has been obtained.
  • Randy also reported that the ice maker and furnace are working well.
  • It remains unclear if funds are available for the renovations to the front foyer as Ian was unable to attend the meeting. A decision will be made once the relevant information is obtained
  • Financial reports including the Hoedown report are deferred to the next meeting tentatively scheduled for next Wed. at 7:00 P.M. Eric will confirm by e-mail. Ian Fisher and Bob Valade will be informed as well.
  • A motion to set up a budget committee was tabled by Jon MacDonald and Seconded by Chris Barnes.
  • A further motion was tabled that Jon MacDonald set up a financial committee that reports to the board and that the club manager (Ian Fisher) be made an appointee to that board. The motion was carried.
  • Jon MacDonald put forth a motion that the minutes of the Board meetings be posted in the club and the motion was seconded by Peter Zultek
  • Peter reported to the board that he will attempt to meet with league reps in the near future. At the present we have 431 paid members as compared to last years total of 809. It is hoped that with the start of curling this week the late memberships will be collected within the next week.
  • Eric Kirby put forth a motion to increase Ice Fees to $15.00 and the motion was carried.
  • Marlene Triskell has agreed to arrange for purchase of curling pin name tags at a cost of $10.00. A list will be circulated to obtain interested names with an order date of  November 1/06
  • Volunteers are needed for the Junior Men’s and the Junior Ladies Provincial Play downs. Peter will circulate a list. The event is scheduled for Jan.11-14/07.
  • Volunteers are also needed for the Senior Men’s And Senior Ladies Provincial Championship to be held Feb 22-25
  • Randy Mills reported that he was contacted by Donna Ballstead regarding having a room in the Steelback centre designated to commemorate curling and its importance to the area. Further discussion is warranted and Randy will report back to the board regarding developments.
  • Motion to adjourn by Eric Kirby Second by Chris Barnes