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Oct 25 06

Soo Curlers Board Meeting


Minutes of the Oct. 25/06 Meeting


Members Present: Eric Kirby, Jon MacDonald, Randy Mills, Peter Zultek, Lewis Massad, Chris Barnes

Ian Fisher and Bob Valade


  • Motion to accept minutes by Randy Mills, seconded by Peter Zultek, carried
  • Business from last meeting: Posters are up asking for volunteers for the Jr. Men’s                                                                                  

                                                         and Ladies bonspiel. 

  •  Eric reported that he had been approached by Greg Whalen Real Estate to lease or sell some of the clubs property for staff parking. He advised that a proposal be put forth and the Board will make a determination based on the proposal.
  • It was noted by Randy Mills that the dehumidifiers are now working and Ian reports that a little fine tuning is required to get the maximum results but the units are functioning well.
  • Sales of rock handles are proceeding well and a profit is expected, currently there are 54 handles sold.
  • The Board was given a review of the financial position by Bob Valade and Ian Fisher. Randy Mills put forth a motion that $3,500. be transferred from the Capital Fund to the General Account to cover outstanding current expenses. The motion was seconded by Chris Barnes and carried unanimously.
  • Ian will provide a new statement for next meeting outlining all outstanding accounts as well as income.
  • Ian pointed out that the windows, furnace and repairs to the kitchen cooler have been paid for.
  • Peter reported that to date 487 members have paid dues. This is down from last years total but it is felt that there are a number of unpaid members and they will be contacted to ensure payment by Nov.1/06.
  • Jon MacDonald has formed a finance committee which currently has 4 members; Jon MacDonald, Bob Valade, Dave Burnett and Lewis Massad. The committee will report to the board in the near future re: budget
  • It was brought to the attention that one of the members had asked whether board meetings were open to all members. It is the position of the board that members who wish to address concerns to the board put forth a proposal and that the member would then be heard.
  • Volunteers are still needed for the 40th Anniversary Bonspiel scheduled for Nov.18-19. This is an open spiel and it is hoped that members will step up and help run this event.
  • Ian reported that the rooms are booked at the Quality Inn for both the Junior and Senior Provincials but that volunteers are needed for these events as well.
  • The next meeting is scheduled for Nov. 8/06 at 7:00 and as Eric will be away Randy will chair that meeting.


Action Item:


Ian to present financial statement  re: accounts paid


Ian to put up sign up sheets for volunteers for Anniversary Bonspiel and Junior and Senior Play Downs.



  • Eric Kirby moved to adjourn meeting, Seconded by Chris Barnes