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An Important Note About the Use of  Fill -IN Players
1. You may use a fill-in player that is a paid up member  from any league on the few occasions you are short a player.
2.Players that are NOT MEMBERS must pay an "ICE FEE" ( similar to green fees) at the bar before their game if they wish to play. Ice Fees are $15 per game. 10 packs are NO LONGER AVAILABLE
3.Skips.. you are responsible to ensure that players you obtain are A. paid up members or B. Paid for the game.
4. We reguire the same revenue from each sheet of ice...Teams that do not have 4 paid up players (evenings) cannot designate a 5th man to play that has not paid.
5. In fairness to all Soo Curlers members people that are NOT MEMBERS should NOT be playing in our club at no cost to them.
6. We rely heavily on the integrity of every member to ensure the viability and financial well- being of the club. We run the club like a business and lost revenues hurt every member.  We have a responsibilty to every memebr to ensure our fees are kept as low as possible and every user of the facility pays their fair share.

We value your opinion...What do you think?

What policy do you think we should use regarding people that Fill-IN on teams short a player?

What do you think??  We want your opinion?

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You can also register on-line at that site.